Collection: BOHO DRESSES

Be free with the boho dress!

Boho dress is an essential element for a woman with a boho style. Trendy since the 70s, this garment has become a timeless outfit over time.

For freedom of movement, the cut of the boho dress should be flared and flowing. You can wear it anywhere, whether you're at the beach or at work. You can finally wear dresses when you want and not only on special occasions.

How to choose between the boho dress and the hippie chic dress

On our site you will definitely find a dress that suits your style and especially your body type. The boho dress has many different cuts, prints and materials. Emphasize your hips and curves with the empire cut, which is perfect for large sizes.

If you want to find something more fitted, opt for a figure-hugging wrap dress. Whether it's a hippie, vintage, floral or hippie chic dress, we have them all here at boho paradise.

Our short boho dresses are a great outfit idea for this summer. If you want something with an authentic boho style, opt for a floral maxi dress that will be very easy to wear.

Of course we thought about winter, boho fashion doesn't stop when it snows. A variety of sweater dresses are available in our collection.

All occasions are great to wear the boho chic dress

Decorated with embroidery or lace, white boho dress is perfect for important celebrations such as weddings. For example, a pretty long boho dress with bare back is ideal for a chic and trendy evening. No matter what color or cut, the chic boho summer dress will make you dance.

As for the choice of shoes to go with the boho dress, there are a lot of possible combinations. Sneakers are perfect for breaking norms. Boots are great for a boho rock style. A pair of sandals or spartan shoes are perfect for a hippie chic style. Don't hesitate to wear your best jewelry to perfect your look.