Collection: BOHO SWEATER

Stay Boho, even in winter

With our wide selection of boho sweaters and cardigans, you can maintain your boho look even in winter.

There's no better ally against the cold than the boho sweater, which will quickly become an essential piece in your closet. To satisfy a maximum of boho fans, we offer a variety of different models. Some have the cut set, others do not. Knitted or embroidered, in fine knit or chunky knit, we have the right model for everyone in our range.

For a summer look in the cold season, you can wear a cardigan or sweater over a dress. You can wear a skirt, shorts or pants with a fabulous boho sweater.

All occasions are suitable to wear a beautiful sweater, you can also combine it with any kind of top in your closet.

A scoop neck combined with a nice blouse or a glamorous openwork sweater are good outfit ideas for a chic evening. Add a nice jacket and heels and it's perfect.

For a softer look choose a pastel color like pale pink, a neutral shade like camel or beige. Some striped styles are a real hit with us at the moment.

The oversized sweater is a great idea to create a casual boho style. You can combine it with jeans or a long skirt. For a glamorous and romantic look, you can add your favorite belt to accentuate the waist. Show off your curves with a boho chic sweater and high-waisted pants.

Don't be afraid of winter temperatures with the beautiful turtleneck sweater. For a puffy effect, the sleeves are usually long and tight at the wrists.

Of course, there are other collars, such as the round neck, or the V-neck.

For a casual boho look, the wide knit sweater is a great idea. Acrylic knit is also a favorite in this collection. The synthetic wool is very durable and offers a garment that still looks great after several washes.

The mohair boho sweater is perfect for chilling at home with a cup of hot chocolate.

The essential boho vest with long or short cut

As soon as the cold weather arrives, the vest is there to bring warmth to your outfit. The models are redesigned every year to stay up to date. All occasions are great to wear a beautiful boho cardigan, whether it is short or long, with or without buttons, knitted or crocheted.

Add originality to your boho look by wearing the cardigan inside out. For a really classic, chic look wear it over a t-shirt or blouse.

This is the perfect garment for fall and chilly days in the morning and a little warmer in the evening. You can also wear dresses underneath to still keep your boho look.